Okuma America Corporation Debuts the GENOS M560V-5AX Machining Center at IMTS 2022

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (September 12, 2022) – Members of the management team at Okuma America Corporation are pleased to announce the launch of a new 5-axis vertical machining center to its machining line-up! This new machine - the GENOS M560V-5AX - builds upon the foundation of the company’s flagship vertical machining center series (GENOS M Series) by bringing 5-axis capabilities to the table! This product is making its world debut in the Okuma booth (#338500) at the 2022 International Manufacturing Trade Show at McCormick Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois, on September 12 – 17, 2022.

The new GENOS M560V-5AX is an impressive next-generation product evolved from two of the company’s best-selling vertical machining centers – the GENOS M560V which has become a standard-bearer in the industry, and the GENOS M460V-5AX which launched in 2017 as an answer to a market need for an affordable, compact 5-axis vertical machine, with no compromise on the design or accuracy.

Machine Design

The GENOS M560V-5AX is built with a double-column machine design, affording it maximum structural integrity. The machine offers an impressive working envelope with a 500mm table and wide axis travels (X: 1,050 mm, Y: 560 mm, Z: 460 mm), while still maintaining a compact footprint of 2,515 mm x 3,750 mm. Further optimizing the machine’s design, the GENOS M560V-5AX includes a trunnion table positioned parallel to the front of the machine which allows for easier access to the table and good visibility during machining. This, and other user-friendly features on the machine, reduce physical burden on the operator. Additionally, the machine comes standard with a 60 ATC (automatic tool changer) magazine and can also accommodate tools measuring up to 400mm in length.

Built-In Energy Savings Features

The GENOS M560V-5AX comes standard with Okuma’s Thermo-Friendly Concept, an on-board thermal and energy management technology to support both stable, high-accuracy machining and reduce energy consumption.

Key Specs of the GENOS M560V-5AX Vertical Machining Center:

  • Table Size: 500 mm
  • Max Workpiece Dimensions: 700 x 500 mm
  • Spindle Maximum Speed: 15,000 min⁻¹
  • Spindle Motor Power: 22/18.5 kW
  • Axes Travel: 1,050 mm (X-axis), 560 mm (Y-axis), 460 mm (Z-axis)
  • Floor Space: 2,515 x 3,750 mm (w x d)
  • Weight: 10,000 kg

With its versatility and 5-axis cutting capabilities, the GENOS M560V-5AX provides shops with the ability to expand their operational possibilities. Visit okuma.com/products/genos-m560v-5ax for more details and to request a quote.

About Okuma America Corporation

Okuma America Corporation is the U.S.-based sales and service affiliate of Okuma Corporation, a world leader in CNC (computer numeric control) machine tools, controls and automation systems. The company was founded in 1898 in Nagoya, Japan, and is the industry’s only single-source provider of CNC machines, controls, drives, motors, encoders, spindles and automation systems, all manufactured by Okuma. The company designs its own CNC controls to integrate seamlessly with each machine tool’s functionality. In 2014 Okuma launched the Okuma App Store, the industry’s only centralized online marketplace for machine tool apps and related content. Along with its extensive distribution network (largest in the Americas), and Partners in THINC network of enhanced manufacturing technologies, Okuma is committed to helping users gain competitive advantages through the open possibilities of machine tools today and into the future.

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