Today's modern manufacturers face a variety of unique challenges. One of them is finding skilled workers, and yet others include the continuous need to increase overall efficiency, and success often hinges on the ability to evolve. Whether you need an integrated solution or a fully automated system, we can help you raise the overall productivity of your operation, and outpace your competitors with Okuma’s automation-friendly solutions.

ROID Series

The ROID Series features Okuma’s new robot offerings, the ARMROID and STANDROID. These automation systems operate on an easy-to-use OSP interface and were designed for high-precision machining. The ARMROID is built into the machine tool to maintain and streamline operations, while the STANDROID is a standalone robot package that provides multifunctional and efficient manufacturing on a compact footprint. With automated and manual controls, both products in the ROID series can provide you the flexibility to innovate at your optimal level of control.

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Automatic Pallet Changers

Okuma Pallet Pools are automated systems based on a standardized ready-to-use system. The compact construction of the single level storage system uses stationary pallet stands and a pallet transfer unit. The standard machine two-pallet APC is designed so that the same unit is used with the multi-pallet APC (pallet pool). A tower APC can provide even more flexibility and productivity in a minimal footprint. With this 2-level system, spindle utilization can be optimized to get the most out of your investment.

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Okuma Gantry Loaders

The Okuma Gantry Loader (OGL) is a built-in solution for efficient parts load/unload and minimum takt time. During workpiece load/unload, the headstock moves to that position, allowing the loader to enter the machine regardless of turret position. In addition, with servo-driven hand rotation and faster speed, a workpiece load/unload time of 4 seconds has been achieved.

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Robotic Cells

From everything to pre-built systems such as the Load & Go robotic tending solution from AWR to custom robotic solutions designed to enhance the workflow of an entire production line, Okuma and our integration team can create a solution to meet your manufacturing needs. Integrating robotic solutions into your manufacturing process results in improved throughput, reduced direct labor costs, consistent part quality, and faster deliveries.

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Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Okuma partners with trusted FMS manufacturers to help shops take their productivity to the next level. With automation for both lathes and machining centers, from easy plug-and-play solutions to more complex production systems, you can automate your Okuma machine tools to increase profitability.

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This CNC machine tools is a flexible, 55-inch-wide, 5-axis space-saving VMC capable of achieving high production automation by connecting multiple machines and using built-in robotics to transfer parts from one machine to another. All six sides of the workpiece can be machined in a single set-up on two machines using Okuma’s innovative work handoff system. The MU-S600V has a standard 16 drum ATC with an optional 30 chain for increased efficiency.

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