Coolant Monitoring System

80 600 506 coolant monitoring system


Damaged cutting inserts, tools, parts, and machine components due to improper coolant concentration and/or pH level.


Coolant concentration and pH levels are monitored and displayed on the THINC control in an easy-to-understand dashboard, facilitating proper maintenance.

  • High-speed machining makes maintaining optimum concentrations of cutting liquids essential.
  • Maintenance of appropriate cutting fluid at the proper concentration means higher feed rates, deeper cuts, better accuracy, reduced power consumption, and longer tool life.
  • Oil/water emulsions combine the lubricating properties of oil with the cooling properties of water. However, too much water can result in a loss of lubrication, and too much oil can result in higher cutting temperatures and oil costs. This can mean damaged cutting tools, inserts, and parts.
  • Over time, cutting fluid mixtures are lost by transport on the chips and parts, from the machining feed lines through vaporization of the fluid into the air, evaporation of the water, and spills during the cutting process. These events result in a change in concentration in the remaining fluids contained in the sump. The change in concentration can cause damaged and broken inserts and cutting heads, poorly finished surfaces on machined parts, loss of accuracy, and serious damage to machine tool components.

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