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4270 Ivy Pointe Blvd, Suite 100

Cincinnati, OH 45245

P 513.719.1600

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5ME provides innovative technologies, products, and value added services solely focused on increasing manufacturing efficiency. Cryogenic Machining is a game-changing metal-cutting technology that increases throughput, quality, tool life, and profitability. Environmentally friendly, it facilitates a safer work environment for plant floor personnel. They offer manufacturing software with a suite of software modules focused on manufacturing and maintenance metrics that integrate seamlessly into production assets and business systems. Additionally, their manufacturing solutions render high-performance tooling, tool holders, fluids, fixture design, clamping, and turnkey systems.

As a member of Partners in THINC, their goal is to work collaboratively with us and the other members to develop solutions that solve the toughest manufacturing challenges, and provide unique value to our mutual customers in the form of increased profitability, higher productivity, reduced cycle times, improved quality, lower working capital, more efficient machining of challenging materials, reduced energy consumption, and improved worker health and safety.

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