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We initiated the concept of Partners in THINC to benefit the end-users of the Okuma THINC®-OSP control and the various peripherals manufacturers required to compete in an ever-changing global environment. As a result, we've opened a virtually endless number of solutions made possible by the "power of THINC."

Okuma is known for its technology leadership and world-class manufacturing, product quality, dedication to customer service, and development of the OSP control. Okuma products are used in the automotive, aerospace and defense, construction and farming equipment, oil and energy, medical, mold and die, and fluid power industries.

Okuma makes a powerful, reliable, and accurate series of CNC machines, as well as the innovative OSP control, which can integrate seamlessly with third-party software and equipment without requiring permission through the OEM. This saves the customer time and money while providing advanced manufacturing opportunities to help the customer meet and exceed his bottom line.

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