Okuma Video Demonstrates the Benefits of Using Mid-Auto Manual to Pause and Resume CNC Machining Programs

A new video from Okuma America Corporation, a world leading builder of CNC machine tools, shows the multiple advantages of using Okuma’s exclusive Mid-Auto Manual feature to. pause and resume CNC machining programs. This function enables operators to pause during cutting, move axes around, check tool integrity and part features, and then resume the operation at the same point where they left off. This means the operator doesn’t have to stop the program, do their checking, then search for the point where they stopped the program and re-start.

The video demonstrates how to use this function:

  • Push Feed Hold
  • Hit Auto Manual
  • STAY in either MDI or Auto mode (don’t go into Full Panel mode)
  • Jog around and investigate • Index the turret if needed
  • When finished, push Sequence Restart
  • Now the machine tool will go back to where it was when it was paused
  • Push Cycle Start and return to position reached before pausing

This is the fifth in a series of videos that provides machining solutions and shows how a CNC control can be used to innovate and drive business growth in machine shops. To view this video please visit http://bit.ly/2iBX13g.