Okuma’s Jeff Estes to Speak at ESPRIT World Conference 2017

CAM users will learn about the benefits of Okuma and ESPRIT CNC machining technologies.

Okuma America Corporation, a world leading builder of CNC machine tools, is a sponsor of ESPRIT’s World Conference 2017, June 12-16, Universal City, California. Jeff Estes, Director of Partners in THINC for Okuma, is a featured speaker and will cover the following topics:

The value of the ESPRIT/Okuma relationship for end users: Customers received post processors and tool-paths crated by talented ESPRIT developers working side-by-side with Okuma applications engineers in the Charlotte facility. This provides accurate posts that work out-of-the-box. ESPRIT and the customer can use their combined talents to tune this working post to their specific needs.

Okuma’s new technologies and the capabilities these provide: Working closely with ESPRIT on process development will be paramount to utilizing these exciting technologies to their fullest potential.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): What is Okuma doing in this area? How important is it to manufacturing companies? Is simulation an IIoT component? The same model used in CAM will drive IIoT data.

Registration for the ESPRIT World Conference 2017 is currently open and is available at the conference website. Questions may be emailed to [email protected] or call 805-388-6000, ext 107.