Machining Centers

Investing in a CNC Machining Center can take your shop to the next level. Our vertical, horizontal, and 5-axis machining centers combine stability, power, and accuracy with our proven technologies. Okuma’s machining centers are thoughtfully designed to manufacture high-precision parts and deliver impressive metal removal rates.

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Thermo-friendly concept

Eliminate thermal deformation and maintain accuracy as temperature changes.


Open Architecture OSP

Customizable control based on preference and skill level for optimal efficiency.


ECO suite plus

Intelligent software equips your machine with energy-saving features and reporting.

High-Quality CNC Machining Centers

With 35+ machining centers to choose from, we are sure to have your perfect machine tool. With a variety of configurations, including 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis, and a wide range of spindle speeds, your shop can expect to produce a consistently accurate part.

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Buying machine tools shouldn't be complicated. Our new tool narrows down options based on desired specifications.

Automation Made Simple

As shops are looking to adopt automated systems, our open architecture makes automation simple.

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