VT1000 EX460x460


Dramatically Improve Productivity for Difficult-to-Cut Materials

Meet the VT1000EX, Okuma’s new vertical CNC lathe. Thanks to its highly rigid mechanical configuration, this machine has the highest machining capability in its class and can reduce cycle time for difficult-to-cut materials. Achieve heavy-duty, long, and continuous cutting of large parts with the VT1000EX.


  • Maximum torque, power, and thrust
  • High reliability and stability over long operating periods
  • Extraordinary cutting capability for difficult-to-cut materials
  • Reinforced spindle
  • Structural reinforcement

VT1000 EX460x460
Highlighted Specs
[ ] = Optional
Max Cutting DiameterinØ39.37
Max Cutting Lengthin39.37
X-Axis Travelin25.59
Z-Axis Travelin39.37
Rapid Traverse - Xfpm52.49
Rapid Traverse - Zfpm52.49
Spindle Speedmin⁻¹10~800
Spindle Powerhp75/60
Max Cutting DiametermmØ1,000
Max Cutting Lengthmm1,000
X-Axis Travelmm650
Z-Axis Travelmm1000
Rapid Traverse - Xm/min16
Rapid Traverse - Zm/min16
Spindle Speedmin⁻¹10~800
Spindle PowerkW55/45

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