Okuma’s 2021 Gift Guide: Great Gifts for Machinists

The holidays are right around the corner, and with it comes the mad dash for presents, and good presents for machinists can be hard to find. Not sure what to get the manufacturer in your life for the holidays this year? We’ve got you covered – check out our top picks for gifts for machinists they're sure to love!

2021 gift guide product 01
via Squid Industries

1. Butterfly Knife by Squid Industries

Made on an Okuma GENOS M560-V, the Squid Industries butterfly knife is made in the USA and designed to feel smooth and precise, ideal for flipping competitions. Their balisongs and balisong trainers are industry-leading and crafted using precision manufacturing processes.

2021 gift guide product 02
via North Drinkware

2. Union Wine Co. Glass by North Drinkware

This 6 oz. wine glass is more than meets the eye – it features a mold on the base of the glass, made on an Okuma MC-V4020, with a 3D depiction of Mt. Hood and the Willamette Valley wine region. Sip on your favorite wine and enjoy the craftsmanship of your new favorite glass!

2021 gift guide product 03
via Okuma

3. Okuma Light Kit

Treat yourself to a brighter new year and upgrade or supplement your older lighting with Okuma’s LED light kit. Brighten up your cutting area with our easy-to-wire, easy-to-mount lighting! This kit comes standard with a 5-year warranty.

2021 gift guide product 04
via Amazon

4. “Chuck Norris Cannot Be Stopped” by Ian Spector

Chuck Norris really cannot be stopped, and here are 400 reasons why. This hilarious parody book comes from an epic series all about the legend that is Chuck Norris. Whatever questions you have about the man machine, you can find the answers right here in one place.

2021 gift guide product 05
via Amazon

5. Marble Night City

Perfect for getting your kids into machinery, the ROBOTIME Marble Night City features a beautiful design made with laser-cut technology and teaches patience, problem-solving and engineering.

2021 gift guide product 06
via FBG Cast Iron

6. Fredericksburg Cast Iron Skillet

Finished on an Okuma lathe, the Fredericksburg cast iron skillet is the ideal size for everyday use, from cooking up the perfect grilled cheese to preparing your favorite dessert. With the smoothest polished interior cooking surface of any cast iron skillet on the market, you won't want to cook with anything else.

2021 gift guide product 07
via Military Mental Endurance

7. Tactical Christmas Stocking

Bring some tactical cheer to your fireplace this year with the MOLLE Tactical Christmas Stocking. It has all the bells and whistles without having any bells or whistles. Featuring a vertical zipper opening, carry handle, and a swivel stocking hanger with clip, this stocking has a hook and loop velcro display location on the front to add personalized name tape patches.

2021 gift guide product 08
via Drive a Tank

8. Drive a Tank

If you thought driving a Jeep with no doors was the manliest thing you could possibly do, just wait until you're at the steering wheel of an actual tank. Depending on the experience purchased, you'll get to steer the big machine through obstacles, run stuff over, and learn the ins and outs of its operation.

2021 gift guide product 09
via Amazon

9. Smart Lab Toys Smart Circuits

Explore unlimited electronic projects and create working games and gadgets with this kit with instructions for building 50 sophisticated circuit builds, teaching kids about electronics, light, sound, and more. Along with Marble Night City, you can get your kids interested in STEM and have fun all at once!

2021 gift guide product 10
via Okuma

10. Okuma Bottle Opener

Presented in a velvet pouch, the Okuma bottle opener is great for popping open that after-work cold one. It’s small enough to keep in your back pocket on the go, or conveniently store it at home – perfect on a bar cart with a set of Union Wine Co. glasses!

2021 gift guide product 11
via Okuma


To really treat the machinist in your life, Okuma's MULTUS B250 II is the ultimate fusion of turn-mill operations, with lathe, vertical, or horizontal machining center and material-handling operations consolidated into one machine. This machine is now available with bundle pricing, so this is a great time to add multitasking capabilities to your shop floor.

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