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The largest in our family of MULTUS horizontal lathes, the B750 has a maximum turning diameter in excess of one meter (41.34 inches, 1050 mm) that raises productivity for large parts. It features the industry’s first Collision Avoidance System software. Combined with our OSP-P open-architecture control, this software can run the entire machining simulation and catch potential collisions before they create scrap or damage the machine. Thermal-Friendly Construction assures high accuracy, even in the most complex applications.

Highlighted Specs
[ ] = Optional
Max Turning DiameterinØ41.34
Spindle Nose Type  A2-11
Speed Rangemin⁻¹11-2,000
Standard Powerhp50/40
Rapid Traverseipm1,575/1,575/1,575
Max Turning DiametermmØ1,050
Spindle Nose Type  A2-11
Speed Rangemin⁻¹11-2,000
Standard PowerkW37/30
Rapid Traversem/min40/40/40

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