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Our MULTUS B550 is a multifunction turning center that includes left and right spindles, a milling spindle, and an automatic tool changer. The MULTUS 550 has a broad scope of machining functions and is the embodiment of power, speed, and process flexibility. Complete the work in one setup and with tools to spare in the ATC.

The MULTUS B550 has a 240° B-axis range with 5,000 rpm H1-milling spindle with dual function (L/M). The standard H-1 dual function spindle head utilizes CAPTO C8 tooling and has a 50/30 hp VAC milling motor spindle [opt. 10,000 rpm]. The base offering has 40 tools available via the ATC [optional 80 & 160 tools]. The H1-turret has a 0.001-degree B-axis and traveling column Y-axis for machining flexibility.

Familiar programming methods from both lathe and machining center disciplines blend easily on the MULTUS thanks to our OSP-P control, making advanced functions such as total “Collision Avoidance System” standard. The advantages of the Okuma absolute encoders handle the control of X and Z, the C1, C2, B, Y, and W axes without the need for re-zeroing.

Highlighted Specs
[ ] = Optional
Max Turning DiameterinØ32.68
Spindle Nose Type  A2-11
Speed Rangemin⁻¹30~3,000
Standard Powerhp50/40
Rapid Traverseipm1,574/1,574/1,574
Max Turning DiametermmØ830
Spindle Nose Type  A2-11
Speed Rangemin⁻¹30~3,000
Standard PowerkW37/30
Rapid Traversem/min40/40/40

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